Register to Swedish Löwchen Circle show in Degernäs Camping den 5 aug 2023

I agrea to let SLC use my persornal information for use in the exibition material.
To confirm fill in the registration.
If you want to be anomynus. please contact

Please fill in all the boxes, registration is okey when yoy have payed the fee.

Please pay to Swedish bank 352-8213
From outside Sweden use BICcod SWEDSESS, IBAN SE9880000840120037177383
Please mark the payment with your name

Pay early to the lower fee.
Entry Fee 1: Paid before july 16, 2023 pet & puppy 180 SEK, other classes 220 SEK.
Entry Fee 2: Paid after july 16, 2023 pet & puppy 230 SEK, other classes 270 SEK.

If you register many dogs is the price reduced with 50% from dog number 3 with the same owner for the dog with the lowest fee.

Don´t forgett to fill in your email, all handlings will be sent by email.

We send a confirmation email that we receive your notification.
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